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Phone: 512 - 278 - 4200 ext. 2776

Conference Time: 10:10-11:00am Wednesday, and Friday by appointment.

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Class Dojo Explained

Hello Parents/Guardians! 


I sent an email out last night via CLASS DOJO to invite you to connect with our class. Thanks to those already connected to Class Dojo! It is not a requirement to connect, although it is a great way for us to communicate about how your child is doing behaviorally in the classroom and for you to see updates on our classroom! It also has a “texting” -like function so if there’s anything you need me to answer, it’ll be more accessible then having to bring a note home or turning on the laptop to email! Most of the descriptors in the reports you receive are self explanatory (ie. Participating, on task, messy desk – etc)  But I added my own flair to some other parts so they may need some explaining! I apologize if I have created any confusion. 


Hallway Brags — should another teacher compliment our line out in the hallway, the entire class gets 2 dojo points!

Excellent Answer — Their answer shows that they are processing and using the strategies that they’ve learned in the classroom. Even if it is a “wrong” answer, what I’m looking at is if 1) They are able to explain their thinking. (Not just “because I know it”) 2) If they are able to respond using a complete sentence. 

Solved Own Problem — Being able to solve disputes in a calm and quick manner is one of the growing pains that we STILL go through! If students are able to solve their own problem. Example: Student A is not playing the center correctly and Student B calmly retells them how to use it and then they are both at peace —> they solved their own problem! Often time they fight and then come running to me to report the fault of another student. I’m trying to instill in them through this “external reward” that they can solve issues a lot easier if they take a step back for a second. 

Paw Laws — This is for the hall ways, if they’re following the Paw Laws. (i.e. Walking in line, not talking in the hallways, etc) 

Job Raise — In my classroom we all have different “jobs” A Job Raise is when they’ve done an exceptional job… on their job! 

Best Desk — This if for clean desk/working areas. 

On Task — Students show on task behavior. Even if they are talking, if they are talking about the task, then they are still ON TASK!

Helping Others — Students show kindness and are helping others in the classroom. 

Working Hard — I can see that they are trying their best in their work. Whether it is double checking to make sure they have capitals and periods in their sentences or trying their best to sound out the word, these students will gain points! 

Participating — Students are participating.

Teamwork — Students are working together as if in a true community of learners (i.e. Encouraging words, aiding others, etc). 


Needs Work

Hands on Others — Students are physically bothering another student. 

Not Following Paw Laws — Applies in the hallways and the restrooms. Students are expected to use both areas in the proper way.

Excessive Use of the Restroom — I give students specific times to use the restroom each day (they already know when) and this means that they are constantly getting up and going to the restroom during instructional time. 

Causing a Scene — This one sounds dramatic, but in a way it is. Much like in the adult world, when someone causes a scene, they are taking away the attention from what we SHOULD be focused on to something else. It means that not only are they distractible to themselves, but causing others to be off task. If I have to stop my class to address that student (or sometimes group of students) in particular, then they are causing a scene. 

No Homework — The student has forgotten their homework for the day. 

Off Task — The student is not on task during independent work time.

Talking out of Turn — Whether it is myself speaking or another student sharing their ideas, interruptions are considered “talking out of turn”

Messy Desk — As much as you all try to get them to clean their own room, I’m instilling the same lesson here at school! Especially since it is a public space, we talk about how we leave it nice and neat. It will also help them to find their items better!


How does this relate to the clip chart? 

-3 = red

-2 = orange

-1 = yellow 

10 points = blue 

15 points = purple 

25 points = pink 

I’m still feeling out how to weigh the points and know that they will change as the year goes by because expectations will be raised. 


As always, if you have any questions please let me know! 



Miss Luong


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

It has been a whirlwind of a first week of school and after all the changes in class size and getting used to new systems – we have finally settled into a pretty nice groove and a solid number of friends in our class. Thank you all for your patience with Blake Manor and with me as we start this new school year. This email is a long one, but please bear with me! I will bold any important details. 

First I want to start by sharing with you all my personal mission statement: In any class I teach, my goal is to create a community of lifelong learners within our classroom. While building the foundation for various skills and gaining new knowledge, I desire to facilitate a classroom environment in which every student knows that they are an integral part of the learning experience. Ultimately I hope that we, as a class, learn to become people whom strive for excellence and desire to continuously grows as citizens.

This is the reason I teach but I also know I can’t accomplish it without the help from you all. If there are any concerns or questions please let me know! The best way to contact me is by email or a note via your child’s binder.

If you have not already, please send back the completed registration packet! I need this as soon as possible, Wednesday at the latest!



Our lunch time is from 10:50-11:20. I am allowing students to bring a HEALTHY snack to eat each morning. I have a parent that is volunteering to purchase juices/snacks for the kiddos once in a while. (Thanks!!!) Let me know if there’s anything we need to be aware of. Healthy snacks include: cut up fruit or fruit snacks, crackers (not chips), pretzels, granola bars etc. Nothing with excessive chocolate please! We have a 3 hour block in the morning and having a sugar rush and then a sugar crash is not conducive to their learning!


Today students came home with their B.E.E. Binder. There’s a note about how I am using the binders so please reference to that if you have any questions! There will be times I send notes home that need to be returned that those will be on the right pocket folder. Anything that can be left at home is in the back. Binders shall be kept in good conditions and brought back to school every day


This week the students have HOMEWORK! It’s awesome because they were so excited about receiving extra practice! Each week the students will receive a new packet for home and the entire packet is due on the next Monday. Homework is to be completed and signed daily. 

Spelling Practice and reading is to be done daily

The spelling words for the week can be found at the bottom of the cover page. We will have a spelling test EVERY Friday so please be practicing! I sent home a “spelling menu” for the students to be able to choose the type of practice they want to do with you! If you need notebook paper, please let me know.

Reading logs are found at the back cover. In the beginning, it is ok that you read the student, however, work towards having your child read to you for 20 minutes! That will be the ultimate goal! If anything, I value reading practice the most! Soon, I will print out or lend out books as an EXTRA resource for your child to practice reading. Please take good care of the books I lend out as I would like to use them every year! Once we get into a good groove, new books will be given every week. 

*Starting next week, the words “spelling practice” & “reading log” will not be in the table, but still expected to be completed. 

Scholastic Overview: Each time I send an email, you will get an insight on what your child is learning in each subject. This way we can partner together to best help the excel! 
Math: We will be working with addition and subtraction within 10. The goal is learning mental math strategies! We will also be looking at word problems! 
Science: We will be studying the weather including different types of clouds and other tools a meteorologists might use. 
Social Studies: We looked at the purpose of rules last week and this week we are going to learn different ways to explain WHEN something has happened. (past, present, future).  
Reading: We are noticing literary elements and learning to distinguish between different types. The goal is to have them even replicate it in their own writing. Writing: I’ve been working on having them put more details in their drawings and writings so that their end products are the best they can give. 

Again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me! 

Thanks for reading! Excited to partner with you all to provide the best for your kiddos! 

-Miss Luong