Classroom Supplies

Hello Parents!
Here's a basic class list of items your child will need for this year. There may be times that I will ask for more supplies if they get used up! ~ this will typically be the kleenex and gluesticks!
# Item
6 Notebooks (composition preferred)
4 Folders (prongs preferable but not necessary) 
12 pencils
1 pack of markers
pack of crayons
2 boxes of kleenex (they get used up really quickly!)
2 erasers 
1 1" binder **Preferably white**
8 glue sticks
1 set of headphones
Here are some my wish list items to bring. 
# Item
1 bottle of hand sanitizer 
For student personal use pencil box (I have community supplies in case students don't have enough or their own!)
1 pack of construction paper
1 pack of dry erase markers
For student personal use set of scissors
1 pack of Ziploc bags (sandwich sized) 
1 pack of Ziploc bags (gallon sized)